PhilFashionWeekHoliday2012- Oxygen

"Thank you Ms.Pau de Ramos for giving me 2 tickets for the Oxygen Show! We totally enjoyed it."

My favorites from Oxygen's Collection for Ladies.

My favorites from Oxygen's Collection for Men.

Danica Magpantay; Supermodel of the World 2011

With Patricia Prieto. She absolutely made my night yesterday! =)

 When the show started and the lights where turned on. I saw her and some other bloggers and I said to my sister that I won't go home without a photo with Patricia. So when the show ended I was looking at her, looking where will she go then I followed her. When she's coming on my way I felt so shy to approach her but I said to my self, "This is it. Go na!! Sayang yan pag pinalagpas mo!". So when I approach her I said: "Hi pwde mag papicture?", She said: "Sure!". She's so kind to her fans. I hope that isn't the last. I wanna meet her and chat with her. Kailan kaya yon? Hayy. I Love You Ate Patricia! :)

Earrings; Forever21 | Dress; Mustard Seed | Bag; Coach | Flats; Tomato. 

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PhilFashionWeekHoliday2012- Men's Wear Collection

Here are some of my favorites from Edgar Buyan's Collection:

And next are my favorites from Herbert Costodio's Collection:

The collage photo is also from Herbert's collection. He actually showed how artistic Filipinos are. So proud of him. He's now one of my favorite designer. 

And here's the collection I really adore; Zxander Tan's Collection!! =))

Yeeey. Those pair shoes are really amazing!! I wanna have one!  :)

Btw, Congrats to all the designers!! :)

Here's my outfit for the PFWHoliday2012: Men's Wear Collection. Sorry for the low quality! :( :)

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Before summer 2012 ends, of course we need to enjoy it. So here's another trip. We went to Batangas.


SG Day 5

Since it's the last day of our trip, we decided to eat our lunch at Clarke Quay. Even if were walk around in the afternoon. It's not that hot and you can see how clean your surroundings are.

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Maritime Museum SG

When you enter Maritime Museum, you're going to have a passport (fake). That you're going to use while you're inside the Museum, There will be a stamp per country station you're going. And add a stamp on your passport (as what I'm doing on the 2nd to the last photo). And it will serve as your souvenir.

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SG Day 3

While entering Shrek 4D. 

Because of being too wet. I changed my outfit before entering Shrek 4D. I really enjoyed my day at Universal Studios and on Sentosa after.