16 candles

 When I was searching for some ideas for a "sweet sixteen party", my sister found out that every candle symbolizes the special persons in the celebrant's life. I had to think very well whom am I going to put in every candle. I got pressured! But still... I selected the right persons. :)

The first candle is for the celebrant's parent. :) Meet my Mom.

Second candle is for the celebrant's god parent, but we replaced it by a family member. 

Third candle is for the sibling.

Fourth up to the seventh candles are for the rest of the family members. 

Eighth up to the fourteenth candles are for friends. I don't have pictures with my 2 other friends (Jen and Marisol).

Fifteenth candle is for the celebrant's bestfriend. :)

And the last/sixteenth candle is the celebrant's guy closest friend.

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16 Roses

16 ROSES!!! The part where I sweat the most! Just kidding. :) It was the sweetest moment with my guy friends. Parang grad ball lang. HAHA. Btw, here they are: 

 1st dance: Gabriel Agtay

2nd dance: Redixby Balanquit

3rd dance: Jeremy Cordova

4th dance: Bamboo Diamat

5th dance: Kirby Musni

6th dance: Exekiel Castillo

7th dance: Angelo Esguerra

8th dance: Roy Arimbuyutan

9th dance: Nick Tolentino

10th dance: Polland Valmonte

11th dance: Mark Parairo

12th dance: Adriel Padilla

13th dance: Alvin Delima

14th dance: Patrick Julian

15th dance: Eljan Fajardo

16th dance: Gary Tinio

I also had my special dances with some family members. :)

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Golds and Pearls

It's summer, many said you should "only" wear bright or light colored clothes but I doubt it. I chose to wear dark blue top and white high-waisted shorts 'cause I want to, I don't wanna follow trends. I just wear what I want. If something's in the trend, I doesn't mean you have follow or do it just to say "I follow trends". Do what you want! :)

 I had my hair colored last month. It was supposed to be black to violet ombre, but it turned into "red violet?". IDK. I really can't figure out what's its color; however, I like it. 

Two necklaces! Why not!? Try to mix your accessories and stay classy. Whenever I put/wear accessories, I make sure there's something common with them. Like in what I wore, they're all golds and pearls. 
 Necklaces; Forever21

This bag is another gift from my Mom and it's kinda heavy! Lol.
Bag; Juicy Couture. Loafers; Primadonna



I just turned 16 last April 10. I had my celebration in advance so I didn't expect that I'll have another celebration on my special day. That day should be our batch farewell, but they changed plans. Sooo, just go with the flow. :) I felt mixed emotions during my day 'cause I had a little misunderstanding with some special persons in my life.

I decided to have my long sleep to relieve the sadness. When the clock strike at 6 o'clock in the evening. My sister woke me up and said my friends were there. I have no idea why they came 'cause I already had my celebration. When I asked them why, they just kept on saying "para di ka na malungkot". Then before the party ended, I knew that my sisters called them to come. Go naman sila agad diba. :)

Because of everything that happened. I just comprehend why I always have to face some struggles during/before my birthday. It's because God wanted me to realize something. And this year, he wanted me to understand the importance of every person around me, on how each of them will help me in every step I take and decision I make.

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I finally got time to update my blog. I'd been so busy for the past days preparing for my birthday celebration and some family outings. I just want to let you see and know the updates for my big day tomorrow. Yaaay! I'm so excited.. Btw, hope you'll like my birthday teaser. :)

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