Welcome 2014

 We have ended 2013 which had given us memories to treasure forever even if it caused pain to others. Let us not forget that without God's faith we won't had survived the struggles from 2013.  Now we are welcoming 2014, may our hopes be in God's grace. May this year bring us joy & success. 

Said goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014 with these buddies!

To welcome 2014 I just wanna stay simple with my outfit, something simple but yet a little elegant. So here it is. :)

Collared top and polka dot high-waist shorts; Forever21 | Flats; Trunkshow

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What I feel

I wish it could be that easy as the quote states (maybe its easy if I'm rich), but nothing's impossible. :P There are times when I wanna be alone and just relax but there's no place to go. Maybe I'm not the only one who could feel it. I wanna enjoy my life to the fullest like in everyone's dream (yolo). There's just this life's ups and downs, I cannot live my life everyday like what I dream about, sometimes I have to be like Cinderella. :)) Hihi. *you know what I mean*.  So if you have a chance to free yourself from something you're holding on so tight that doesn't make you happy anymore, then let it go. (Book a ticket and just leave). Think wiser than before and try to know yourself better. Don't make your life miserable! =))


Zambales '13

This year I told my self; I should go to a place where I've never been before, make it mark my year. Last May 7 I went to Zambales with my sisters and some friends. "Island Hopping",  it is the best thing to do there. Just make sure you'll go in the morning to enjoy it, *low tide*. It's the perfect time for taking pictures. 

Camara Island, it's the first island we went cause it's the closest island from the shores of Pundaquit. People from Zambales said it was the island where you can enjoy taking pictures because trees aren’t that many but  you'll love the rock formations and it has a great view of the open ocean, and yes I agree to that!

Capones Island, as they've said this island is legendary for its lighthouse built during the Spanish era. But I haven't seen the lighthouse 'cause it's on the other side of the island. The white sand and green water attracted me and also reasoned me to love the island, during the stay I felt like I'm in Boracay even though I haven't been in Boracay yet. :P

And the last stop was in the Anawangin Cove, it's a popular destination for camping and beach outings. A perfect location if you just want to get close to the nature or just need a quiet place to unwind and relax. Its sand is white and soft, and some people said has a mixture of volcanic ashes from the last eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.

I felt like a researcher when I was there. I ask/ interview some people there about the place. I wanna go back there and relax whenever I got a lot of thinking. So that's it!! :)


16 candles

 When I was searching for some ideas for a "sweet sixteen party", my sister found out that every candle symbolizes the special persons in the celebrant's life. I had to think very well whom am I going to put in every candle. I got pressured! But still... I selected the right persons. :)

The first candle is for the celebrant's parent. :) Meet my Mom.

Second candle is for the celebrant's god parent, but we replaced it by a family member. 

Third candle is for the sibling.

Fourth up to the seventh candles are for the rest of the family members. 

Eighth up to the fourteenth candles are for friends. I don't have pictures with my 2 other friends (Jen and Marisol).

Fifteenth candle is for the celebrant's bestfriend. :)

And the last/sixteenth candle is the celebrant's guy closest friend.

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16 Roses

16 ROSES!!! The part where I sweat the most! Just kidding. :) It was the sweetest moment with my guy friends. Parang grad ball lang. HAHA. Btw, here they are: 

 1st dance: Gabriel Agtay

2nd dance: Redixby Balanquit

3rd dance: Jeremy Cordova

4th dance: Bamboo Diamat

5th dance: Kirby Musni

6th dance: Exekiel Castillo

7th dance: Angelo Esguerra

8th dance: Roy Arimbuyutan

9th dance: Nick Tolentino

10th dance: Polland Valmonte

11th dance: Mark Parairo

12th dance: Adriel Padilla

13th dance: Alvin Delima

14th dance: Patrick Julian

15th dance: Eljan Fajardo

16th dance: Gary Tinio

I also had my special dances with some family members. :)

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