16 candles

 When I was searching for some ideas for a "sweet sixteen party", my sister found out that every candle symbolizes the special persons in the celebrant's life. I had to think very well whom am I going to put in every candle. I got pressured! But still... I selected the right persons. :)

The first candle is for the celebrant's parent. :) Meet my Mom.

Second candle is for the celebrant's god parent, but we replaced it by a family member. 

Third candle is for the sibling.

Fourth up to the seventh candles are for the rest of the family members. 

Eighth up to the fourteenth candles are for friends. I don't have pictures with my 2 other friends (Jen and Marisol).

Fifteenth candle is for the celebrant's bestfriend. :)

And the last/sixteenth candle is the celebrant's guy closest friend.

For more photos: click here.

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