16 Roses

16 ROSES!!! The part where I sweat the most! Just kidding. :) It was the sweetest moment with my guy friends. Parang grad ball lang. HAHA. Btw, here they are: 

 1st dance: Gabriel Agtay

2nd dance: Redixby Balanquit

3rd dance: Jeremy Cordova

4th dance: Bamboo Diamat

5th dance: Kirby Musni

6th dance: Exekiel Castillo

7th dance: Angelo Esguerra

8th dance: Roy Arimbuyutan

9th dance: Nick Tolentino

10th dance: Polland Valmonte

11th dance: Mark Parairo

12th dance: Adriel Padilla

13th dance: Alvin Delima

14th dance: Patrick Julian

15th dance: Eljan Fajardo

16th dance: Gary Tinio

I also had my special dances with some family members. :)

For more photos: click here.

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