Golds and Pearls

It's summer, many said you should "only" wear bright or light colored clothes but I doubt it. I chose to wear dark blue top and white high-waisted shorts 'cause I want to, I don't wanna follow trends. I just wear what I want. If something's in the trend, I doesn't mean you have follow or do it just to say "I follow trends". Do what you want! :)

 I had my hair colored last month. It was supposed to be black to violet ombre, but it turned into "red violet?". IDK. I really can't figure out what's its color; however, I like it. 

Two necklaces! Why not!? Try to mix your accessories and stay classy. Whenever I put/wear accessories, I make sure there's something common with them. Like in what I wore, they're all golds and pearls. 
 Necklaces; Forever21

This bag is another gift from my Mom and it's kinda heavy! Lol.
Bag; Juicy Couture. Loafers; Primadonna

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