I just turned 16 last April 10. I had my celebration in advance so I didn't expect that I'll have another celebration on my special day. That day should be our batch farewell, but they changed plans. Sooo, just go with the flow. :) I felt mixed emotions during my day 'cause I had a little misunderstanding with some special persons in my life.

I decided to have my long sleep to relieve the sadness. When the clock strike at 6 o'clock in the evening. My sister woke me up and said my friends were there. I have no idea why they came 'cause I already had my celebration. When I asked them why, they just kept on saying "para di ka na malungkot". Then before the party ended, I knew that my sisters called them to come. Go naman sila agad diba. :)

Because of everything that happened. I just comprehend why I always have to face some struggles during/before my birthday. It's because God wanted me to realize something. And this year, he wanted me to understand the importance of every person around me, on how each of them will help me in every step I take and decision I make.

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